Caroline May 2014

Norelle seriously was AMAZING! She was super on top of things and was just the best person to work with; she was always super prompt in getting back with me and made me feel like I was her top priority (even though she had lots of other brides/people she was working with during that same time frame.) She didn't just do whatever she wanted to do BUT SHE ACTUALLY LISTENED TO ME. I was so stressed out during the planning of my wedding and unfortunately, all that stress and lack of sleep resulted in some oh-so-convenient break outs coupled with dark bags under my eyes (and I'm talking like you're going on a trip for a month sized bags - not just a quick pop into the grocery store for a carton of eggs sized bag) .. anyways, I'm not sure how she was able to cover all that up but she did and she did so beautifully!! I seriously don't think I could have even asked for a better makeup vendor! If you are in search of a makeup artist for your special day or just any old day of the week... hire Norelle! I mean if she can make me go from looking like an extra on the 'Walking Dead' into [no-joke] the PRETTIEST I have ever felt in my life (& completely un-zombie-like), she can do ANYTHING! [ps... pricing was also super reasonable - which, unless you just hit it big playing the lottery or just had a hit idea on Shark Tank --- that's definitely helpful]