My Favorite Foundations of ALL TIME!

Happy Tip Tuesday Friends!

Tonight, I want to chat about the question I am asked the MOST frequently when it comes to makeup, what is my favorite foundation? It is time to discuss this hot topic! Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on you view makeup, this is not a one size fits all question. As an artist,I do believe there is a product for every skin concern, type and color. When I think about what makes a foundation great for me, I think it about a few things: How does it make the skin look? Ease of application? Can my client wear this foundation for a long period of time and in various climates? How does it look behind and in front of the camera? Is the shade range versatile? ( <-- very tricky)

So my TOP three foundations absolutely KILL IT when it comes to all of these questions. Time and time again I recommend them to clients and I use them in my kit weekly. Any product that makes it into my kit, and stays there, is a win in my book. With such a wide array of foundations on the market today, it would be impossible to cover them all.... But believe me when I say I have tried SO this may be short, but your options are not:)

  So without further ado... And in no particular order:

1. Lancome Teint Idol Ultra Longwear Foundation


This foundation's staying power is top of the line. No one should ever wear makeup for 24 hours, but with this foundation, it is possible. It easily covers imperfections on the skin and builds without looking cakey. The shade range is AMAZING!!! Regardless of your skin's undertone, this foundation has you covered ( literally and figuratively).  I love how comfortable this foundation is from the moment it's applied. It photographs so well and works in every climate. You skin looks healthy and even!

2. Laura Mercier Silk Creme Oil Free or Moisturizing Formula


This is my most days and definitely my desert island foundation. Regardless of skin type ( normal, oily, dry, young, mature) this foundation looks fantastic. There are two formulations and I keep both in my kit. This foundation comes in a smaller bottle than most on the market, because it's almost pure pigment. So if you are looking for options, this foundation can do that. Applied directly to the skin it will give you medium to full flawless coverage, but, it can also be mixed into your favorite moisturizer for a sheer wash of color. My brides who want coverage, but do not want to feel like they are wearing makeup, love this foundation. It is also great for sensitive skin as its free of fragrance and parabens. Be sure to apply with a sponge for optimal wear!

3. Makeup Forver Ultra HD Foundation


Two words- Gorgeous Skin! This is what everyone tells me when I wear this foundation. This product was developed for film and specifically HD cameras. It works with almost all skin types (extremely oily gals will need a great oil controlling primer) and feels so lightweight. I love the color range and it applies like a dream with either a brush or sponge. This foundation has medium coverage, so it is a great choice for special events in warmer climates ( AKA the South!) and for my more natural clients!

Norelle Baker Favorites-0003.jpg

What is your favorite foundation? I'd love to know!!!