Drug Store Makeup Favorites! Part One!

Happy Friday Friends! I am writing this blog from the air on the way to paradise. This break is much needed. I am looking forward to some major R&R! I wanted to get this post out yesterday, but that was wishful thinking trying to pack and prep for a long trip.....

**FAST FORWARD**** I lost WiFi on the plane and could not finish this post and once I got to the islands, my brain was not in blog mode.... So I am picking up today, on July 11th! Back from vacation and feeling super rejuvenated! I have decided to split this blog into two parts, the first part is complexion products and the second part will be color products.

Lately, I have been receiving a lot of questions regarding makeup application tips and tricks. While I am huge fan of luxury cosmetics, I am realistic that they are not always an option for everyone. At one point, I was extremely against anything that was not high end cosmetics(meaning not drug store) but times have changed and so has makeup. Some brand name "Drug Store/Target" brands have really reinvented themselves, so why not show them some love! So now, I consider myself an equal opportunity makeup enthusiast. I am more concerned with how a product works for me and less concerned about where I purchased this product. I encourage everyone to take a stroll down the makeup aisles Target, preferably with a coffee in hand and kid free (I do not have kids) but this activity is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine! :)

So here are just a few of my complexion favorites.....Let me know what your favorites are! I am always looking for new great products to try!



So this is one of two categories that I really feel Loreal and Maybelline have really stepped up their game!

My first fave in this category is Maybelline's Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation.

Why I Love IT:

Great Medium Coverage

Does not settle in pores at all...very smoothing on textured skin

Great color selection

A little goes a long way and blends beautifully with a sponge or buffing foundation brush.

Reminds me of Cover Fx Oil Free Matte Foundation

Second Fave in this Category (and seriously my Go-To foundation of the Moment) Loreal's Pro Glow Foundation.

Why I LOVE It:

This foundation is AMAZING!! Even though I have combination skin, it never makes my skin look oily, cakey, or shiney.

It wears all day with minimal touch ups needed.

Excellent shade range.

Photographs beautifully

Full Coverage that looks like healthy skin ( And who doesn't want that!!)

Reminds me of Laura Mercier Silk Creme Moisturizing Foundation. I actually think its an amazing dupe. 

Honorable Mention in Foundation:

Loreal Infallible Total Coverage Foundation

Why I Like It:

This foundation is great for the woman who wants the MAX coverage that last.  It covers all redness and discoloration.

Its extremely smoothing because it is a silicone based foundation. This is a catch 22 for me. I like silicone based foundation for airbrush, but I do not like silicone based primers normally..So the Total Coverage foundation feels like a primer/ liquid foundation hybrid and performs pretty well. 

For me on daily basis, this is more coverage than I normally like, but I do like this on a night out. 

If you are a Lancome Tient Idol Fan ( 24hr Total Coverage and waterproof) this would be a great substitute!


I am a concealer snob....I really am a HUGE advocate of the TWO C's ( Coffee and Concealer!) I would be lost daily without both of those items. So when I say that its a HUGE deal that these products made the list, its a huge deal. In a different blog, I will discuss my department store makeup favorites.

For Contour/Cream Highlighting and Concealing:

NYX HD Concealer

Why I Love IT:
I really like this concealer to contour. It is extremely matte and drys quickly, so unless your under eye area is well moisturized, I would not recommend it. It does blend well and I think the shade range is excellent. I do prefer this over a matte foundation. It looks heavy over a dewy foundation.

LA Girl Pro Concealer

Why I Love It:

I was a little late on the bandwagon of the LA Girl products. They seemed so inexpensive, I assumed that they would not work, I was SO wrong. I had a fellow makeup artist friend tell me that this concealer was the ONLY concealer she ever tried that did not crease, so I decided to give it a try. She was right!!! Fantastic full coverage with a creamy, hydrating finish that does not settle. Fantastic shade range for all skin tones to conceal and contour. Applicator is built in, so its fairly fool proof. A little goes a long way. 

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

Why I LOVE it:
I came across this concealer ( the sister product to the foundation above that I love so much) on a beauty vlog about a year ago and I am so glad I did. This is a excellent low cost replacement for the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. So Nars pretty much hit it out of the park with their concealer ( it smooths, brightens, color corrects, I could go on and on), so having a low cost replacement that performs almost exactly the same way is gold. The FitMe concealer has a decent shade range and gives a natural finish under the eye. I actually love this concealer on my "no-makeup" makeup days for a boost under the eyes. The applicator makes it very easy to apply concealer in the hard to reach areas and to spread it out evenly. 

NYX Color Correcting Concealer Palette

Why I LOVE it:

Color Correction is not for everyone. Everyone does not need it, and, everyone definitely does not understand color theory. Regardless, in today's world, you can learn a great deal with just a few clicks. So if you are interested in color correcting or think you may need it ( ie-you have dark circles under the eye or redness on your face) the NYX Color Correcting Palette may be for you. This highly pigmented product can be used for a wide array of complexion corrections. It is less than $15 dollars,and if applied properly, is completely undetectable under foundation.

Beauty Sponges

Morphe Flawless Beauty Sponge

Why I LOVE it:

So Morphe is not technically a "Drug Store" brand, but it is inexpensive and easy to order online. I love this sponge for a few reasons. The shape is ideal for not only the hard reach under eye area, but also for the contours of the face. The sponge is firm, but not too firm. I use this mostly for the under eyes, but also to give myself a very skin like finish to a full coverage foundation.

Real Techniques Miracle Sponge

Why I LOVE it: 

In my book, this sponge is by far the best on the market. It helps the foundation blend into the skin perfectly. No cakey messes with this sponge. I LOVE the flat side of the sponge to perfect the under eyes after concealer is applied. Worth every bit of $5 it cost :) 

PS- Also great for blending cream contour!

Finishing Sprays

Pixi Glow Mist

Why I LOVE it:

This is a such a versatile product. Pixi is a really great line that you can find at Target. Its cruelty free and full of natural ingredients. This spray leaves the skin hydrated and GLOWING! I love to use this on dry clients or over a tinted moisturizer. The Argan Oil keeps the skin looking fresh and healthy. Another great tip, I love to set my highlighter with this mist and my Oily "t-zone" with a matte finish spray. I know that is a little "extra" but whatever! Reminds me of Tatcha's Glow Mist! ( and much cheaper!)

NYX Setting Sprays

Why I LOVE them:

$8 dollars and my makeup is not moving for 12 hours? Sold! I have been a huge fan of these setting sprays for my bridal clients for a long time. They are lightweight and lock the makeup in place ALL day. I personally use the Matte Finish Spray almost everyday on myself. If you have a problem with your makeup moving after a few hours, I would definitely give these a try. I  love to set matte foundation with the Dewy Finish spray, to prevent the makeup from appearing heavy on the skin. On Dry Skin, the Dewey skin will keep you look hydrated and fresh!

Maybelline Master Fix- A Great Low Cost Alternative to Urban Decay All Nighter

Why I Love It:

Master Fix on your face is like Aqua Net was to your Grandma's hair....Not moving! So if you are extremely oily or headed out for a long night, I highly recommend this product. Your makeup is there to stay! Not recommended for dry skin. 


As far as foundation primer and setting powder goes, I am very loyal to two prestige (department store products) and I have yet to find anything else that performs as well on myself or clients. If you have questions about those categories of products feel free to comment below or email to ask!

Stay Beautiful!