Current Skin Care Routine


Happy Saturday! Is anyone as happy as I am to see some SUNSHINE!! I love a good rainy day, but enough was enough!

Next week I will celebrate my 32nd birthday...which actually does not feel bad at all. Some years I really have a hard time with the "number", but, I am at a point in my life where I am really happy with where I am and who I am personally and professionally. I am growing, working hard and evolving everyday...and that is exactly where I want to be :)

BUT...with this AGE comes some challenges that were once a thought of the far future. One of those challenges has been my skin....I get compliments on my skin often, and I appreciate the kind words...But I am here to tell you, this skin takes work!!! It seems like overnight I have some new areas of concern on my face that have forced me to adjust my routine. Our skin goes through serious change every four years...So it does not surprise me when clients tell me that they previously had "great skin." In a perfect world these changes would be for the better, but we do not live in a perfect world. For me, I noticed pores, dullness and PIMPLES for the first time. So I took my own advice ( I always tell my clients, " You only have one face, take care of it!") and started taking care of it! 

So here are my current AM and PM routines...just like a fine wine, my skincare gets better with age! 

AM Routine:

Cleanser: Drunk Elephant Pekee Bar 

Why I love it:  This cleansing bar is pH Balanced and leaves my combo skin feeling clean and fresh.  I feel like my skin is so normal when I am done cleansing. Not too dry or too hydrated. Just right. It is gentle but effective. I saw a change in the texture of my skin and how my makeup was wearing within three days of using this! I LOVE Drunk Elephant products for their commitment to bringing their consumers a very good quality product without chemicals. Added perk- it's a cruelty free line!

Serums:  I alternate between two products:

Lancome Genifique

Why I love it: This product was in my arsenal years ago and then I switched it up...but its BACK! I love this serum because it really works on dullness and texture. It tackles all the visible signs of aging and it gives the skin the most beautiful glow. Sometimes I will mix this into my full coverage foundation to help my makeup wear like beautiful skin!  If my skin is feeling extra dry,  I will add this to my nighttime routine as well.

Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum

Why I love it: Vitamin C is a very important skincare ingredient for women 25 and up, especially if you were  (and still are) a sun worshiper like I am. Vitamin C helps brighten the skin and prevents future sun damage. This serum is packed with an amazing blend of antioxidants that really work well at keeping my skin looking firm and healthy. Its great for all skin types and its chemical free! Please wear sunscreen everyday...but most definitely wear it if you use this product! Vitamin C and the sun are not friends!

Eye Cream: Laura Mercier Eyedration

Why I Love It: In the AM I need as much hydration under my eyes as possible. I love this eye cream because it provides excellent hydration and depuffs my circles. It leaves my eyes looking awake and ready for concealer! ( Let's face it...concealer is always the real hero in the AM!)

Moisturizer:  Again I have two I love...Especially for summer!

Tatcha the Water Cream

Why I Love It: My skin feels AMAZING after this moisturizer! I seriously think there is magic in the jar! I got a sample from Sephora and I was hooked! I feel hydrated, balanced and my makeup wears SO well!  Since I have very combo skin, I can't stand the feeling of heavy moisturizer and this moisturizer does not lay heavy at all. Check out the link for all the great ingredients!

Lancome Energie De Vie

Why I love it: Its the definition of weightless moisture! Perfect for hot summer days where your skin needs environmental protection but you don't want to feel anything on your skin. It helps calm redness and keeps my skin glowing!!!

PM Routine 

Cleanser: At night, I take my makeup off first with a makeup wipe ( I personally really like Neutrogena Makeup Removing wipes) and then I wash my face. So many clients I speak to tell me that they stop at the wipe. This is not ideal. Removing makeup is only the first step of cleansing but not the last. Step two is to wash off excess sweat, dirt, pollution and remaining makeup. There are several excellent options that will both cleanse your face and remove your makeup in one step ( dual cleansers) and these face washes are usually foamy or oils. After I remove my makeup, I wash my face with the:

Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleanser

Why I love it: This cleanser is great for Combination skin. It gently exfoliates the skin with fruit based Alpha Hydroxy Acids and cleanses away excess oil and dirt. Skin feels balanced and soft.

Serum:/ Oil:

 Sunday Riley Sleeping Night Oil

Why I Love It: This is my desert island skin care product. It has completely changed my skin for the better. This link above is the Refinery 29 Article about this amazing product and why you need it in your nighttime skincare routine. Within one week my skin was firmer, brighter and my pores were less visible. This product is pricey, but one bottle has lasted my over 9 months and still going. Of course with any retinol product, sunscreen is a must for daytime. If you are over 30, some type of retinol product should be part of your daily skincare routine. The smell of the active ingredient in this product ( Blue Tansy) is quite strong, so if you are a person bothered by smells, this may not be for you.

Eye Cream:

Mario Badescu Gylcolic Eye Cream 

Why I Love It: This is my HOLY GRAIL of eye creams that actually WORKS and it is super affordable ($20!!!)! It was love at first use for me. My eyes were immediately looking more hydrated and my fine lines were much softer within the first week of use. If you are looking for an all in one eye cream with a GREAT price tag, here you go! Disclaimer- Gylcolic acid does exfoliate the skin, so if you tend to be extremely sensitive, this eye cream is not for you.

La Mer Soft Cream

Why I Love It: So...I know this stuff is extremely expensive..And I did work for La Mer years ago, so I do have products from my tenure there, but I do stand behind them, because they do work. This moisturizer lives up to its hype. It balances my skin and leaves it looking so incredibly healthy. It is important to use something very hydrating if you are using exfoliating products ( AHA's, Vitamin-C, etc) often. 

Once a week:

I love to experiment with sheet masks or clay masks. Some of my favorite sheet masks of the moment are from Biobell. The masks are full of natural ingredients and completely biodegradable. My favorites are #staygorgeous and #Iwokeuplikethis. This brand is so fun and was started by some amazing business women who wanted a better product for their skin.  For treatment clay masks, I love Origins and Glam Glow. If you are feeling creative, try making your own masks at home. Many kitchen ingredients multitask as excellent skin and hair care! 

If you have questions about a particular product or routine, feel free to email me or leave comments below! 

Have a great weekend loves!