Wedding Makeup Trial... Be Prepared! What you need to know!

So this blog post has been on my mind for some time now... and I felt like today was the day I was going to put it out there to the world. I have had some recent discussions with fellow industry professionals about trial runs and I think many of us are on the same page...Pintrest may be the most hated and loved word in Bridal Beauty...

So here it is...Ten Steps to a Successful Hair and Makeup Trial!

Practice Makes Perfect <3

Practice Makes Perfect <3


1. Come in with an open (but realistic) mind.... What do I mean? If you are an extremist in any way..For example-  a very simple ( or NO) makeup or hair person...OR...the Full Glam Girl (everyday) open minded to some tips and tricks from a professional who was hired to help you look your very best.

2. Come with pictures (but remember that word applies here too) So this is probably one of my personal least favorite points of your trial run.....I ask to see some pictures of what you would like your makeup to look like (and hair for my stylist friends) and you, my wonderful client, pull out your phone and open Pintrest. And I wait...because there are about 5 makeup looks on Pintrest that I see ALL.THE.TIME.. and one of them is of Kim let me get on my soapbox here for second. I LOVE Kim K's makeup artist Mario, BUT....regardless of what you think of her morally, she is an extremely beautiful woman with or without makeup. So...dear client,  remember that we can definitely achieve that contoured face and perfect nude lip, but you are NOT going to leave my chair looking anything remotely like Kim K...I am Makeup Artist...Not a Magician :) So after we get done with Pintrest....I then ask for a few pictures of when YOU felt your best...Let me see you, because YOU is ALL that matters at the trial! Of course a few pictures of bridal makeup looks never hurt...but I will be asking lots of questions about what you like or don't like about the pictures (from Pintrest...I know:) )

3. Be OK with suggestions...There are going to be times where we are going to need to have open discussions regarding the health and appearance of your skin or hair. If there are easy recommendations I can provide for your skin, I am going to do so. For example, if you suffer from blackheads...many people do, I will recommend some products to clear up your skin. Your hair stylist may recommend a cut or extensions to help your hair look its best on the big day. PLEASE do not get offended by our recommendations, as we are only providing our professional advice, with your best interest at heart.

4. Be honest...Like something? Great! Love something...even better! But there will be times where you may not know which option is best ( airbrush makeup? Lashes? ) so please ask tons of questions and speak up if you don't love something. This is the time to make changes and experiment with different looks or ideas.

5. It's all in the details. In order for your stylist to understand your vision and theme for your wedding day, we need to know all of the details. Some important details of your wedding that are NEED to KNOW: Location (Indoors or Outdoors?) Colors or theme? What does your dress look like? Whats your style (Romantic, Chic, Elegant?). The more details the better.

6. Any challenges you have with your skin or hair? Some normal answers to this would be..oily skin, frizzy hair, dry skin. Now is the time to let us know, that way we can choose the right products for you!

7. Have an estimate of how many people will need services on the day of the wedding. That way we can discuss a preliminary timeline of events. 

8. If you have any allergies or sensitivities to products, please mention that at your trial. No one wants to have an allergic reaction on their wedding day :)

9. Please commit to taking care of you skin before the wedding day..Wear sunscreen, drink water, use eye cream and moisturizer ( pretty please) and get rest. These all have a lasting effect on your appearance. I am happy to recommend some products for you or help you shop for skincare to enhance your natural beauty!

10. And most importantly...HAVE FUN!

Have beauty questions? Email me! Your question may be my next post!